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Mental Torment 06.2022

Finnish article at Imperiumi

Russia attacked Ukraine on 20.02.2022 and invasion is still ongoing. Around 20000 foreign fighters have volunteered to help the Ukrainian Army. British Red Cross states it has over 70000 workers and volunteers helping Ukraine. One of the many Ukrainians volunteering to help their army is Mykhailo, guitar player of Funeral Doom band Mental Torment.

Mental Torment’s story begins in 2009 in Kyiv as Mykhailo moved there to study. Earlier that year he bought the first guitar in his life from a guitar player called Anatolii. Now that Mykhailo was moving to Kyiv permanently Anatolii proposed the two form a band together. Connected by love for Doom Metal the duo quickly gathered their band and after furious and passionate training and gigging they released their debut full length On The Verge.. in 2013. Years 2015-2019 band spent on hiatus as they momentarily broke up because of musical differences. Friends will be friends and Mental Torment got back together in 2019 resulting in their second full length Ego:genesis in 2021.

According to Mykhailo every Ukrainian is doing their best for their country and army at the moment and the members of Mental Torment are no exception. In this video interview Mykhailo sends his regards to Russia’s leadership and urges all countries to join in support for Ukraine.

Help Ukrainian Army:

Mental Torment interview 06.2022
Producer: Janne Vuorela
Picture: Сергей Чернов