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Ignea 06.2022

Finnish article at Imperiumi

23.06.20202 Brussels, historic events are taking place as European Council granted Ukraine the status of a candidate for accession to the European Union. This is the first time a country at war has been granted candidacy. Melodic Metal band Ignea is one of the biggest metal bands in Ukraine. In this interview their singer Helle talks about their situation and future plans.

Last three months after start of full scale war have gone in phases for the singer and band. At first when Russia attacked it was impossible to even listen to music, it was all about survival. Little by little the band members started to find their places amid this horrible war and Ignea became very active online spreading information about the invasion. As post of Ukraine returned to action the band released new merch with profits directed to help Ukraine and ultimately even some charity concerts have become possible.

Men between ages 18-60 cannot leave Ukraine at this time because of the army’s mobilization. For Ignea this means canceled gigs all around Europe. This might be hanging soon if minister of culture gives the band a green light to leave the country for example one week to do concerts. Everything is of course uncertain at the moment and a lot of documents are needed for success but band is hoping to do some festivals in August and a club tour in Europe in September.

Ignea is also working on a new album that was supposed to release this year (2022) but because of the war the release has been postponed to 2023 and Helle cannot reveal anything else about the record at this time. Band did just release a single Magura’s Last Kiss, known already from last years  Bestia split with Ersedu. Both the song and accompanying video were finished already before the war, the video only couple days before Russian attack. As an eerie fact, in hindsight the song and video which draw their themes from Ukrainian mythology almost seem to foresee the coming war.

As some people are getting weary for news of the war and Ukraine is disappearing from media, Helle wants to remind us to remember Ukraine and the horrors Russia inflicts there daily. She also urges us to stay informed, share information and support Ukraine in any way possible.

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Ignea interview 06.2022
Producer: Janne Vuorela
Picture: Ignea / Sergii Chernov