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Five Finger Death Punch 08.07.2022

Finnish article at Imperiumi

Five Finger Death Punch is touring again! They have kept themselves busy during plague times and new album AfterLife will be out in August 2022. In addition band will be celebrating the 15th anniversary of their debut album The Way Of The Fist by re-recording the whole album. In this interview the founder of 5FDP Zoltan Bathory reveals more.

Last album from FFDP, F8 came out in February 2020, one week after the pandemic hit. Band decided to cool their jets and wait for better times that, well, never really came. After six months of waiting 5FDP was ready for action and started working on new music and new album with the ideas of no stress and no schedules. Band wanted to record what ever music came to them whether it be industrial or 60’s vibes influenced, the FFDP sound is always going to be there.

Maybe the most obscure story on AfterLife revolves around the song Judgment Day. Zoltan and singer Ivan Moody wanted to capture the sound you hear when you are dying on this song. Both musicians have near death experience in their past and they both recognized this same eerie sound. This sound was used as the base for Judgment Day and it was so very real that Moody originally did not want to record the song for the painful memories it brought up.

When asked about the 2007’s The Way Of The Fist album, Zoltan gets excited and reveals the building blocks of 5FDP. Basically the debut was written by him at his home wearing a bathrobe and holding a coffee mug. He’s goal was to write the exact music he wanted without any consideration to what other people might think or what kind of music was popular at the time. In Zoltan’s case this ended up as mixture of classic European heavy metal song writing from the 80’s mixed with the new sound of Nu Metal.

Five Finger Death Punch interview 08.07.2022
Zoltan Bathory
Producer: Janne Vuorela
Picture: Five Finger Death Punch