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Sneaker Pimps on Squaring The Circle (2021)

Finnish article at Imperiumi

Sneaker Pimps never disbanded so you can't call this a reunion really, they just published their new album Squaring The Circle (2021) right after the last one, Bloodsport from 2002. In this interview Liam Howe and Ian Pickering talk about the new album and it's background and we also take a nostalgia trip to times around 1994-1996 when the band was formed and their debut album Becoming X came out. If somebody is not in the know, Ian Pickering writes lyrics for Sneaker Pimps. You can watch my 2018 interview with Chris Corner where we talk about the future of Sneaker Pimps HERE.

Sneaker Pimps on Squaring The Circle (2021)
Liam Howe & Ian Pickering
Producer: Janne Vuorela
Picture: Sneaker Pimps