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Persian Black Metal Story

Persian Black Metal Story — I can finally officially announce that my debut documentary is now filmed and we have started post-production. I cannot give away too many details at the moment, but as the title suggests I'm telling the story of Iranian Black Metal musician and an artist whose life story is nothing short of mind blowing. We’ll go through the Iranian revolution and continue to the Iran-Iraq war, and after some serious soul searching in India we’ll land right here in Berlin. For me this is a story of what Black Metal as a genre can be through and out. It is also a sad tale of loss, and how unbearable pain can mould people. Yet people come through, this is a story of a one single individual. Our protagonist has barely escaped with his life as historic events have taken place, ignoring individual lives and feelings. What I have learned is that we can lose ourselves in pain and anger, but pain and anger can also guide us to something new and creative. Art is a lie, and what a powerful lie it has been for Magus. When creativity and self-expression through art are your only life lines and they are taken away, there is not much more to lose. Fight for freedom to express yourself freely is still going on, as we struggle to understand what has happened, what is currently happening, and what should happen in the future. As Magus stays in the front lines of this struggle I want to share his tragic and on occasion magic story.


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Persian Black Metal Story

An orphan, an artist, a doctor and a political refugee, Iranian Black Metal musician Magus Faustoos Crowley is all these and much more. He lives today in Berlin, Germany where he waits anxiously to receive his German citizenship. How he got here is a whirlwind of very personal tragedies and triumphs that are fuelled by events of great magnitude like the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-1988. In the heart of all this Magus finds his voice and a way to express himself through art and especially through Black Metal music. As his art is illegal in his homeland, Magus soon realizes that he has to leave his beloved Iran behind as his search for his destiny takes him around the world as a stateless refugee.

In interviews Magus tells his volatile life story and how history has molded his fate. Rare footage from his album recording sessions, live concerts and art shows in 1990's Iran give us a privileged glimpse into a world hardly ever seen before. In 2001 India grants asylum for Magus as his personal camcorder captures his reckless lifestyle. He tries to find his place but once again his spiritual journey leads to tragedy, leaving him to search for yet another new home, this time in Europe.

This documentary brings forth memoirs of one political refugee whose story is a bit more peculiar than what you might have come to expect. The paradox in the protagonist’s life is that the more he tries not to be political the more political he becomes just by the virtue of talking his heart's truth through his art and music. In today’s political climate and with what is happening in Iran at this very moment, Magus' views might be considered controversial by some and even dangerous by others. It is only after we learn his full story that we are able to understand and appreciate what he stands for and why. His story offers us yet again another point of view from which to look at today’s world and its happenings.


Undergrounded interview:



Germany 2020, 40min
Magus Faustoos Crowley
Writer, Director and Producer: Janne Vuorela
Production Design and Post Production: Karo Riikola
Narrator: Shanese Zee
Music: Beaten Victoriouses , MOGH, Nasmeh, Paganland, and Tears Of Fire




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