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Persian Black Metal Story



Persian Black Metal Story — I can finally officially announce that my debut documentary is now filmed and we have started post-production. I cannot give away too many details at the moment, but as the title suggests I'm telling the story of Iranian Black Metal musician and an artist whose life story is nothing short of mind blowing. We’ll go through the Iranian revolution and continue to the Iran-Iraq war, and after some serious soul searching in India we’ll land right here in Berlin. For me this is a story of what Black Metal as a genre can be through and out. It is also a sad tale of loss, and how unbearable pain can mould people. Yet people come through, this is a story of a one single individual. Our protagonist has barely escaped with his life as historic events have taken a place, ignoring individual lives or feelings. What I have learned is that we can lose ourselves in pain and anger, but pain and anger can also guide us to something new and creative. Art is a lie, and what a powerful lie it has been to the subject of our documentary. When creativity and self-expression through art are your only life lines and they are taken away, there is not much more to lose. Fight for freedom to express yourself freely is still going on, as we struggle to understand what has happened, what is currently happening, and what should happen in the future. As our protagonist stays in the front lines of this struggle I want to share his tragic and on occasion magic story.


Undergrounded interviewed me regarding this project:


This feature has been filmed in Berlin, Leipzig and Cologne since 2017 and my highest hopes are that I can present this important story in early 2019.

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